Foam Technology

Semi-Auto Block Foaming Machine

Our foam products are fabricated with the latest and advanced foaming technology, ensuring a homogeneous and firm foam block of various sizes, densities and shapes. With three decades of innovation in our pockets, we combine our manufacturing expertise with state-of-the-art foaming technology to cater to our individual consumer’s demand.

Maximum Flexibility

We employ a semi-auto block foaming method to produce our foam blocks as it gives us room to explore, customise, and innovate with every foam block we make. The PLC system in our technology offers individual control over all outputs in various aspects such as size, density, formulation, colour, and shape. This technique allows us complete flexibility in our Polyurethane Foam Production, providing unique foam solutions.

High Efficiency

Our operations are rendered to create high productivity and efficiency. With our semi-auto block foaming technology, we can modify our operation sequence, whether we want discrete blocks or repeat production.


Metered chemicals are brought together into a central mixing vessel, then thoroughly mixed and deposited into the appropriate mould. A comprehensive range of mould sizes and designs are available with this semi-auto block foaming technology.


Furthermore, the metering of the chemicals is done by the same system used by top of the line continuous plants. This system gives us a competitive edge by saving on chemical usage and reaching maximum chemical efficiency.


Besides that, the Pre-Blend Facility and built-in control checks that accompany this technology allow us to check for any potential error without affecting ongoing operations. Thus, creating an efficient foaming system with less downtime and no unnecessary costs.

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