Latex Technology

RF-Tec™ Latex Technology

We employ Germany’s latest latex technology for our natural latex sheets – the RF-Tec™ latex technology. Instead of the conventional steam heating and drying used in Dunlop-process latex, our cutting edge technology utilises radio frequency and dielectric heating to vulcanise latex from the inside out, resulting in a more durable, consistent and homogenous latex.

Extreme Comfort

The RF-Tec™ latex technology allows us to fabricate a homogenous cell structure in our latex material, promoting high tensile strength that makes our latex mattresses extremely comfortable. It also comes in various zones of foam firmness made of natural raw materials that are well-suited for users with allergies and asthma.

Natural & Sustainable

The natural materials used in our production create highly breathable and absorbent latex sheets, providing a perfectly balanced microclimate. Moreover, it possesses superior ventilation that ensures an optimal sleep temperature for bedding products. Above all, this highly efficient RF-Tec™ process is energy and cost-efficient, which aligns with our company’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

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