Pure & Natural Latex Foam

Goodnite’s latex foam mattresses and pillows are increasingly popular among our consumers due to their extreme comfort and durability. This is because Goodnite Foam & Latex manufactures highly reliable latex foam that is pure and natural, making it the better choice for your health.

Au Naturel

Our natural latex material is made with natural ingredients along with a natural manufacturing process that eliminates the need for petrochemical additives. With the absence of these additives, our natural latex sheets are free from ingredients commonly associated with neurological disorders, upper respiratory infections, and kidney and liver damage.

Goodnite mattresses come with StatFree® technology, which is a patented anti-static technology from Belgium that helps to release body static and promote more comfortable sleep.

A Better Night’s Sleep

Besides being the better health choice, our natural latex sheets that are used for the production of Goodnite’s natural latex mattresses provide adequate back support and comfort. Thus, offering our customers an incredible sleeping experience that will help improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

Saving The Planet

Furthermore, our latex manufacturing is associated with eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Materials are harvested and refined from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree sap, which happens to grow quickly and is abundant in nature. Our harvesting methods are also conducted in a way that encourages tree growth.

Let Us Help You

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